What Type Of Barbershopper Are You?

Posted by Becca Grimmer | Posted in Just for Fun | Posted on January 29, 2014, 8:20 PM


There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned flow chart!┬áStart in the middle and answer the questions honestly to see what type of barbershopper you truly are at heart! Let us know what type you are in the comment section below!

(Click the image to take a closer look!)
whatypeofbarbershopper (2)image credit: Eddie Holt

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I’m a PRE category applicant and judging by this flow chart, Presentation judges can’t be categorized! (Msybe PRE us just “off the charts.”)

I would substitute “Quartetter” in place of “Front Row Guy”… or maybe another Y/N branch somewhere?

I’m a Barbershopper! Who knew?

I am confused. I sing Bass, Bari, & Lead, depending on the song and the needs of the chorus. I have also done some directing, and sing in a quartet. HELP! Where do I fit in?

Well surprise, surprise – I’ve been in the Lead section for the last year and recently ‘promoted’ to Chorus Director and – guess what – that’s where my path on the chart resolved! Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad one!!! Or is it just destiny?

There’s no category for a 4-part guy who has directed and still arranges PRETTY GOOD STUFF!! Can we just accept ALL the faults and good stuff??

Whaddaya know? I’m a Baritone. It works!

I am a bass, but I like to sing tenor and it is
even easier for me nowadays ! Besides
being a barbershopper I love to compose
songs of my own and there has been quite
a lot of them lately ! Last year I even won a free
Band In A Box computer program version 2014,
which helps me make even better music !:))

You are a…doesn’t work for Arranger…needs to be “an”

Sorry that Paul feels proofreading is a sign of weakness;
it comes in handy reading the scoresheets sometimes.

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