Barcelona Barbershoppers Sing Harmony in a Day!

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SABS (Spanish Association of Barbershop Singers) held a highly successful event in Barcelona, creating a 60 member mixed voice chorus for a weekend of education and tons of singing!Open to both men and women, Sing Harmony in a Day brought singers together to learn new music, sing tags, and grow barbershop connections in the area. They are already expecting terrific results from the event: 11127546_651990988234928_2100342268136712906_n

We think that a new ladies’ quartet will start as a result of the course and possibly a new chorus. We are also very happy to hear that Metropolitan Union (our 2014 bronze medalists) are planning to compete again in Calpe – whoop whoop!

Leading the event was Jon Conway (BABS), with some help from Hanfris Quartet. A Saturday night performance showed off the hard work of the attendees and featured quartets as well.

11201618_10153199759544299_237088558914527409_nWhat a fabulous day we’ve had with all the new barbershoppers from around Catalonia. It’s been an unforgettable experience!! We really hope this course will inspire the people to form new choruses and quartets! Thank you very much to SABS, Conservatori de Granollers for organising the course and to Jon Conway for his enthusiasm, energy and good vibrations!!! It’s been a pleasure.

- Hanfris Quartet

You can view video from the event on the SABS video channel:

Keep up with SABS on Facebook, too!

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NextGen + Newfangled Four = Get yourself to HU!

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Harmony University 2015 is filling up fast… don’t miss out on an epic Next Generation chorus experience!

NextGen is for all of you young guys (25 and under) who just can’t stop watching barbershop ‘multitracks’ on YouTube or singing late-late-late-night tags at conventions. You can take classes to help you become a better singer, arranger, or even a future chorus director AND sing in a phenomenal chorus that’s sure to be one of the highlights of your barbershop life!NF4

Want more? Ok… your director for the week is the one and only Clay Hine and your section leaders are 2013  International Collegiate Barbershop Quartet Champions Newfangled Four. Boom.

Oh – did we mention you get a huge discount off of the regular Harmony University tuition rate? Check it out!

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Missing LiveWire = Missing out!

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What the heck is LiveWire?
In a world where our inboxes are filled with distractions and advertisements, it’s easy for some really awesome stuff to get missed. Make sure you check out the LiveWire, a weekly barbershop treat delivered to you each and every Thursday filled with news, videos, hot topics, memes, and our Song of the Week. Don’t miss out!
Why did I stop receiving LiveWire?
Occasionally, members report they have stopped receiving our weekly newsletter without explanation. There are several possibilities.
1. The email has been sent to your address, but hidden by spam filters or “Promotions” tabs. Solution: check spam folders, search all folders from

2. You clicked “Unsubscribe” without noticing. Solution: re-subscribe using this link: This will allow our email service to begin sending to you once again. Or look for the subscription link at the bottom of each LiveWire.

Lost them all? Want to find them again? Bookmark this link: to track your way back to us via past issues.

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Harmony University 2015 is going to be a SELL-OUT!

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When Donny Rose accepted the position of Director of Harmony University, his first priority was to bring the most education to the most people who could in turn influence and inspire the most people.

 An aggressive program of scholarships for music educators, directors, and quartetters is yielding results — to the point that we will blast right through our capacity at Belmont! Can you believe this?

Only twelve Harmony College (General Studies) HU Logoopenings remain!

Only twelve Directors College openings remain!

Quartet College is SOLD OUT!

Chorus College is SOLD OUT!

Total enrollment is already PAST SIX HUNDRED!

 If you are on the fence, get moving and register now while there’s still room. And remember, registration for Harmony University closes on July 5, 2015.

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Celebrate Music Monday in Canada on May 4

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Launched in 2005 by The Coalition for Music Education, Music Monday is the world’s largest single event dedicated to raising awareness for music education. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students, educators, and music makers participate in a simultaneous nationwide concert performance of an original song written by a Canadian artist. (You might remember last year’s event, led by astronaut Chris Hadfield.)

A magical moment happens at the same point during that day, that is, at 9 amPacific time, 10 am Mountain time, 11 am Central time, 12 pm Eastern time and1 pm Atlantic time, and 1:30 in Newfoundland, when students, community groups, musicians and artists right across the continent are united by one piece of music. (Yes, even a few U.S. locations are to be found on event map.)

Tune in to the webcast of events in Montréal and Calgary on Monday, May 4, at 12 PM Eastern. The webcast will conclude with 16-year-old songwriter Connor Ross, leading the nationwide sing-along of the Music Monday Anthem, “We Are One/Nous sommes unis”

Learn how to join in here:

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What’s HOT on the Barbershop Charts?

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We get this question of what’s trending in publications fairly often. “What is everyone else singing?” “What do you recommend?” or “Is Mary Lou still #1?” (Spoiler alert: It’s in the top 20, but not #1 at the moment.)

Here’s what everyone else is buying right now:

1. Rhythm Of Love

2. Armed Forces Medley

3. Happy

4. I’m Yours

5. Daydream

6. When I’m Sixty-Four

7. Under The Boardwalk

8. Goodbye, My Coney Island Baby / We All Fall

9. Drivin’ Me Crazy

10. What’ll I Do?

Hmm — we have contemporary barber-pop, Great American Songbook, patriotic favorites, recent barbershop original compositions, Sixties soul and pop, Beatles, doo-wop, and the national anthem of  barbershop.

Now, what was that about Barbershop songs all sounding the same?


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Celebrate Make Music Day – JUNE 21ST

Posted by Amy Rose | Posted in Just for Fun, Members, Music, Outreach, Social Media, Storytellers, Together, Making The Music That's Making A Difference, World Harmony | Posted on April 29, 2015, 9:28 AM


What is YOUR quartet or chorus doing on June 21st? Maybe you should be taking part in Make Music Day, a global celebration of all forms of music that puts live performances in communities all over the world. Your city may already be participating… or you can start the party yourself!

Why not…mm_logo-150x150

Take your show on the road and sing in a park or public area… even a street corner will do!

Organize an inter-chapter meetup and sing with new friends

Connect with local church, school, or community choirs for a vocal jam session or free show

Click here to visit the Make Music web site and learn more about how you can put a little more music into the world!

Need some inspiration? Check out this NPR piece about their contribution to Make Music 2014 in New York City.


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Contest Schedule: May 1 & 2, 2015

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Another busy contest weekend ahead… and the LAST weekend for BHS quartets to qualify for International this summer in Pittsburgh. (You’re going, right?) The excitement builds, as the wildcard race for both BHS and SAI is thisclose and many groups will be waiting by their phones over the next few weeks. Here’s where to find the action this weekend!


Central States District – Overland Park, KS – Website

Land O’ Lakes District – Mahnomen, MN – Website


Harmony, Inc.464457_1514042578837809_4627526850339380134_o

Area 3 – Fairport, NY – Website


Sweet Adelines International

Region 1 – Springfield, MA – Website

Region 12 – Reno, NV – Website   WEBCAST

Region 15 – Albany, NY – Website

Region 26 – Surrey, BC, Canada – Website

Region 35 – Auckland, New Zealand – Website


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Posted by Amy Rose | Posted in #youredoingitright, Just for Fun, Media, Music, Social Media | Posted on April 24, 2015, 1:13 PM


The popularity of a cappella music benefits us all… here are a few things to watch for in May!

On May 15, the much-anticipated Pitch Perfect 2 will open large in theaters coast-to-coast. The sequel to the 2012 sleeper hit will put a cappella covers of Miley Cyrus, Beyonce (and even the Green Bay Packers singing Destiny’s Child) in front of millions of viewers.

That same week, the PopTV network (formerly TV Guide Network/TVGN– might be hard to find in your cable guide) will launch Sing It On , a reality series that takes you backstage at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA.)

Vocal harmony everywhere. What will YOU do to catch the wave of awareness and turn it into invitations to sing!?!?

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SNOBS Webcast: Now 100% More Canadian

Posted by Amy Rose | Posted in Chorus, Contests & Judging, Events, Quartetting, Social Media, World Harmony | Posted on April 24, 2015, 12:48 PM


Don’t want to miss out on all the Swedish Barbershop Awesomeness? Check out the webcast to see all the action!snobs

Chorus Finals: Friday, April 24, 2015 at 12:40 PM EDT
Quartet Finals: Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 8:40 AM EDT
Show of Champions: Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 12:40 PM EDT

The Saturday show features all of the winning groups AND the always entertaining 2013 BHS Chorus Champion Toronto Northern Lights!

Register here:




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Why the lonesome face? We’re everywhere!

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There are a zillion ways to connect with barbershop. No matter how you like to social network, we’ve got you covered. Bookmark these sites and check in regularly

Official page unnamed
Public Group:






Google +

Now get out there and make some friends!


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Barbershop Quartet Makes Harmony Sweepstakes Finals!

Posted by Amy Rose | Posted in Contests & Judging, Events, In the news, Media, Quartetting, Social Media | Posted on April 23, 2015, 11:49 AM


Congratulations to 2014 Northeastern District Quartet Champion Timepiece on their advancement to the 2015 Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals! Following a recent win at the Boston Regional, the quartet joins the top 8 a cappella groups from across the country to compete for the title of National Champion in San Rafael, CA on May 16th. Details about the competition can be found here. Well done, fellas!

11159969_10153174922929034_3219657679194526231_nTimepiece was formed on December 16, 2013—a chilly winter night—on a stairwell in Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences. In their first year alone, Timepiece has captured numerous accolades, including the 2014 Northeastern District Quartet Championship, as well as the privilege of representing the Northeastern District (NED) at the 2015 Barbershop Harmony Society International Open Quartet Contest in Pittsburgh, PA. Timepiece identifies as a “KIB-ber” (Keep-It-Barbershop) quartet, and, as such, primarily sings barbershop arrangements from the 20th century—they pay homage to the quartets and the chord-ringing from barbershop antiquity. On top of cherishing their own bright, brassy, ringing sound, the quartet loves getting lost within the power of the music they sing—a trait inspired in them by the last NED gold medalist quartet: Boston Common.

Members: Francesco Logozzo, Kadin-Seth Binkley, Travis Roy, Rodrigo Alvarez


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BHS Origin Story: Historic Muehlbach Hotel Nears 100th Anniversary

Posted by Amy Rose | Posted in #throwbackthursday, History, In the news | Posted on April 22, 2015, 5:07 PM


Kansas City’s Muehlbach Hotel has long been an important stop on any barbershop pilgrimage. A plaque marks the spot of the chance meeting between O.C. Cash and Rupert Hall that started the whole darn thing… how wonderful for us that the hotel’s legacy is being preserved.Muehlebach

When the Hotel Muehlebach first opened its doors — 100 years ago next month — it was a sight to behold. It was a palace, no doubt, and throughout much of the 1900s, it would evolve into what might very well have been the city’s social epicenter, hosting a seemingly endless carousel of presidents, athletes, writers and actors.

Inside its walls, a century’s worth of history played out. Love, life, death and, yes, even a ghost story or two.

Today, still standing among the surrounding skyscrapers yet closed for all but group gatherings, it serves as a kind of hidden jewel for those who know what they’re looking for. Now part of the Kansas City Marriott Downtown complex, it is a relic, a reminder of an older, grander time, when a hotel was more than just a place to rest your head between flights.

Read more:


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Preaching to the choir (both figuratively and literally)

Posted by Brian Lynch | Posted in Chorus, Just for Fun, Run your chapter | Posted on April 17, 2015, 8:25 AM


Michael Milillo, co-VP of Music of the Dundalk, Maryland Chapter’s Chorus of the Chesapeake in Dundalk Maryland under the direction of Rick Taylor, has come up with a novel method for reviewing the previous week’s rehearsal notes. “Obviously, this can be mundane, so I have been trying to make it more interesting by incorporating humor into the speeches. This last week I used religion and humor and received a standing ovation from the chorus. Who knew notes could be so fun?!” 

Today’s scripture comes from the book of barbershop chapter 3 verses 5:10. A letter from Pitch, Resonance, and Vowels.

Yay should you sing with vocal quality including support and matching vowels for this will please the audience and judges.

Take unto you the notion that this hobby is not so, lest you commit to honing thy craft through practice and repetition. Pitch and Resonance said, go forth and create angelic tones by using the tools the associate disciples have provided, for even a blind men can hear and if he heard this warm-up……….

Let us remember to share vocal space with our brothers and sing with fervor and purpose especially when we sing quietly. Take with you that lyrics are only lyrics until we give them life and bless our listeners with a story set to music. Can I get an A=flat….

Our Director hath proclaimed we should sing using warm air and support with pleasing diction and proper vowels. Why would we sing any other way?

Let us all sing tall and convey to our audience the message of our songs by singing the whole word, For it is difficult to understand lyrics that sound like we’re trying to order a #5 meal from Chik-Fil- A at the drive thru.

Lastly, own your music. It is up to you and you alone to step forth and master the choreography and lyrics. Aide is available to all who need it, all you have to do is ask. Glory be to all who actively listen and participate at chorus practice.

In the name of the Buffalo Bills, Arcade and BSQ.

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Contest Season: April 17-18

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Another busy barbe464457_1514042578837809_4627526850339380134_orshop weekend ahead… two prelims contests for the guys and SIX separate events for our HI and SAI sisters. Here’s the schedule!



Evergreen District – Prelims and Division II in Federal Way, WA  –  Schedule

Seneca Land District – Spring Convention in Geneva, NY –  Schedule

Harmony, Inc.

Area 6 – Jacksonville, FL

Sweet Adelines International

Region 4 – Lexington, KY – ScheduleWebcast

Region 5 – Cedar Rapids, IA –  ScheduleWebcast 

Region  8 – Westminster, CO –  Schedule - Webcast

Region  9 – Daytona, FL - Schedule

Region  21 – Phoenix, AZ –  ScheduleWebcast







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